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4eva a fav

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Just look at his face, that man appreciated all the gifts life gave him. He’s so in awe and so happy :)

Remember Cory this way.

# Reblog .. So explicitly real ♥
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We are entwined, you’re mine for life 
Hold me until we die, I’m yours and you are mine

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I like the tough girls because they are not tough. It’s a veil; it’s a disguise. It’s defenses. At the core, everybody is human, everybody is fragile, everybody is terrified, and the fear is what propels you to be tough.
- Tatiana Maslany (via tatianamaslanydaily)
We talked about a lot of things. We talked about children and what we would look like when we grow old and who would be fat and how we would stay thin. We talked about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. We were done. We were it. And when you’re at that place in your life with someone, you talk about everything. But today I feel like I was given the best part of Cory and I’m thankful for that.
- Lea Michele [Glamour UK, April 2014]  (via littlegleeprincess)