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"Cory made me feel like a queen every day. From the minute he said, “I’m your boyfriend,” I loved every day, and I thank him for being the best boyfriend and making me feel so beautiful. The way he would look at me and the things he would say to me were really amazing. He was so supportive of everything I did. He loved being a good boyfriend. I got to do more with him in the time we were together than people do in their whole lives. We saw the world together. We have amazing memories. I’m so thankful for him for really letting me know how beautiful I am inside and out. I felt so unstoppable. He set the bar very high. And i’ll take that with me now for the rest of my life. - Lea Michele

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[Having only known him from Glee, I] was expecting a sort of teenager to show up.

Then I meet Cory and he is an adult and a man, and I think that’s what he was so excited about, about doing this movie, to finally play a real adult, and I think he really shows a different side of himself in this film.

Working with him, now I feel like it was especially a gift to get to know him and have the opportunity to work with him. But he was just himself and lovely and authentic and present, which is something that seems like people should just be that, but it’s rare. It’s rare to have somebody who’s just right there and really honestly themselves and humble.

And if there was one word for how I remember Cory, it’s just ‘Grateful.’ He was always grateful to be there, which is weird because he was a superstar.

- Emily Hampshire, star of All the Wrong Reasons, talking about working with Cory  x (via showthemwhat)
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Every time I see the quote from Chrysalis I get sad. I've accepted this reality, but whenever I read that quote, the description of that night, it kind of hits me again. He was so brave and she was so supportive. They were truly so happy to be together and supporting each other. They were so proud of each other. They were something special, both together and apart. They always will be.


They were indeed something special, both together and apart.  I’ll never forget his words here.  Such a beautiful soul and he left us with so much to aspire to.  Pay it forward for Cory. 

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“I don’t have to hide or be somebody I’m not. I don’t have to compromise. I can just be myself.”


“I don’t have to hide or be somebody I’m not. I don’t have to compromise. I can just be myself.”

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I miss you too much.



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I miss you too much.


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Dear Lea, we know you don’t want this message to be serious, but seriously you are the best of our lives. We are amazed with all you have accomplished so far in your life. College will be another great experience for you and as always we wish you all your heart desires. Love, Mom and Dad

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I still love this video so much because he’s all like, hey babe and he just looks so genuinely happy to see her. And then they wrap their arms around each other and start walking together. She kind of buries her head into his side and latches onto him and he holds onto her because he’s so protective and then she looks at him like he hung the moon and gives him a little squeeze and then hold my purse JUST HOLD MY PURSE and he does and she laughs so loud. And even though they’re in a crowd of people, all you see is them and how in love they are with each other and how they’re in this little bubble with each other where only they exist and then they get in the car and she leans into him and puts her head on his shoulder and for a second, all is right with the world.